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AMW 1618 TP, 3118 TP Tippers-price,features,specifications

AMW 1618 and 3118 are two heavy duty tippers from AMW with specifications like 16 tons-6 tyres (1618) and 25 tons-12 tyre(3118) respectively. Both are powered by 5900 cc diesel engines with turbocharger, giving out 178 bhp of power and 675Nm of torque. At this power, both are really powerful …

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AMW 3518,4018,4923 long haulage trailer truck-price,features,specifications

AMW has a series of long haulage trailer carriers under names 3518, 4018 and 4923. All are powered by a 5900 cc diesel turbocharged engines with intercooler. Of these, 3518 and 4018 has engine tunes delivering 178 hp of power and AMW 4923 has a power output of 235 hp. …

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AMW 2516,2518,3116,3118 heavy duty lorry/trucks-price,features,specifications

Latest trucks (lorries) from AMW is listed here. Of these, AMW 2516 and 3116 comes fitted with a 5900 cc turbocharged engine giving 155 hp of power and the other two comes with same engine with a higher state of power output of 178 bhp. Amw 2516 is capable of …

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AMW 2518 concrete pump truck, Drilling rig and batching plant-price,features,specifications

AMW 2518 series is a heavy duty series of special purpose trucks from AMW. Variants are concrete pump, batching plant and drilling rig, for construction companies. With superior build quality and reliable engineering, AMW has made its special purpose trucks a success. It has been used in heavy duty applications …

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