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Datsun Go expert review, specifications, on-road prices


Datsun is a renowned brand outside India, but lost market shares hugely recently and was acquired by Nissan. Now Datsun vehicles are distributed all over India through Nissan outlets and service is also carried out by Nissan team. Datsun Go is the first entrant in this series and here goes a detailed expert review of Datsun GO, with all its features and specifications.

Brand     : Datsun
: GO
Segment: Hatch-back

Reviewed at  : Marikkar Nissan, NH byepass, Anayara, Trivandrum, Kerala

Brochure      : Click here to download official brochure/manual
Official page :
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Datsun GO


Positives: Spacious boot, broad seat in front row for 2 passengers + 1 child.

Negatives: New entrant with no mind-blowing features

Final Verdict: Good car for those who are looking for a change from mainstream

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General Review excerpts

Now, let us have an independent part by part review.

Looks & exterior (Design, lamps, mirrors)

Datsun Go is a purely economical car and you may expect an array of cost cutting features to make it a viable machine for both manufacturer and buyer. Cost cutting is evident from any point you look at. However, exterior looks like a premium hatch back, with muscular lines and curves in it. It is more or less similar to Maruti Alto 800 in certain angles. Front grille has a thick chrome cover around it, which adds to the beauty and gives a premium feel. Head lamps bulges from the body a little just like Nissan Micra. ORVMs are black in color and is not up to mark.

Interior (doors, seats, legroom, lighting, dashboard)

Interior of Datsun Go has some specialties in designing. Overall designing and quality is fine, but don’t expect premium quality materials anywhere. Front seat is a bench seat, as you see in rear seats of many cars. This gives more interior space for seating. However, Don’t expect space for 3 adults in the front row or else, the driver will be out… Gear lever is fitted to the dashboard and it seems not so hard to operate it from there. Parking brake is also fitted aside the gear lever, which restrains left leg movement of driver, a bit. Interior lighting is limited to front row, as expected from an economic car. Dashboard is neatly designed and resembles a micra very well. Internal door handles are also Nissan contributed ones.

Comfort, safety, ergonomics, storage

Datsun Go is a comfortable car for reasonably longer drives, thanks to the petrol only variants and ample powered motor. Safety seems not given much attention, as even the top variant doesn’t has got ABS or airbags. In the case of storage space, Go is limited with a glove box which cannot be opened or closed, but is just a pocket in dashboard. However, boot space is impressive and sufficient. Bottle holders are also of miniscule space and no bottle holder in rear doors. Under-seat storage is just a dream and no cup holders or so, even in the middle of front row, as the seat fills up the entire space.

Performance, power, drive quality

Performance of Datsun Go is really impressive as the 1200 cc motor easily churns out 67 bhp of peak power. You may be annoyed at the engine noise at higher rpms though. Matted with a 5 speed manual gear box and with a reasonably good 10.6 kg of torque, you wont feel the car sluggish. However, if fully loaded, you may get disappointed in up hill climbing, at times. Drive quality is just ok for a family car at this price. Driving ergonomics is cared to the maximum as you will never see any fault with the placement of controls or their pattern, if you are used to any Nissan.

User & general survey reports

In our survey, we found that most of the Datsun Go customers are new buyers or those who are fed up with their Marutis or Hyundais. We don’t say that Datsun is a highly reputed brand or has a vast dealership, while Maruti and Hyundai are existing here. However, with good build quality and efficient cost cutting measures, Datsun has made this car a legend. You wont be struck in roads due to the entire fault of car it seems and that is what Datsun promises, even with the name they have given to the machine- GO.

Price and competitors

Datsun Go is a reasonably priced car at its price point. Starting from a mere 3.5 lakhs to 4.7 lakhs, it is a low cost family car, for daily use. With excellent mileage and pricing, it is a car for ages. However, there a a lot of models from Maruti, Hyundai and Chevrolet namely Alto 800, Wagon R, Eon, i10 etc. which offers more or less similar features and price. If you are looking for a durable machine, Datsun Go is for you. If you would like to consider features like resale value, better go for others.

[tabby title=”Exterior”]

Photo based part by part review


Front View


Datsun GO

Rear View


Datsun GO

Side View (R


Datsun GO

Side View (L)


 Datsun GO

Under body









Tail Lamps




ORVM (mirrors)



Door Handles




[tabby title=”Interior”]


Doors (front)

Handle levers inside are borrowed from Nissan Micra.


Door (rear)



Steering Column



Gear Lever Column





datsun go

Center console



Leg room (Front- min/max)



Legroom (Rear- min/max)



Seat (F)

Broad front row for 2 adults + 1 child image

Seat (R)

Seats are of rexin and not fabric, yet another cost cutting measure.image

Glove box, Trays & Holders

No glove box but a tray is provided for storage of small things. Certainly not for your documents or valuables.


[tabby title=”Engine”]

Engine, performance and other features








Foot Controls



Fuel Filler cap



Boot Lid


Dicky/Boot/Luggage area

Boot area is vast and spacious unlike Marutis.


Spare Wheel


Other Features (spoilers, trims, vents)


Datsun GO

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For Ex-showroom & on-road prices, click here

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For Brochure, user manual & service manual download, click here

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Comparison chart of all models



Hope this spec sheet & review were useful. We tried our level best to keep it in detail and to preserve its neutrality. Please note down your own experiences with the vehicle, through comment box below, so that others might be helped.

Cheers !!

-Presented by Team

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